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Candles WordPress Theme


Looking for an excellent, responsive, user-friendly candles shop WordPress theme with multiple features? Here is the Wordpress theme that is perfectly designed for your needs. You can customize home page banner, smooth animations CSS and JQuery functionalities, options of having two layouts for blog page also supports CSS 3, HTML 5 and excellent typography styles with Google Fonts and SEO friendly template with faster loading performance. Well documented for easy editing. See our cool template features at the right top and browser support functionality. Check the Live Demo link to know more about this beautiful WordPress template.

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browser support

Version 4.4 (10 April 2023)
Updated - Wordpress version 6.2 updated.
Updated - Ajax Search.
Version 4.3 (17 Octo 2022)
Updated - Wordpress version 6.0.2 updated.
Fixed - Samll CSS Compatablity fix based on the plugin updates.
Version 4.2 (18 JULY 2022)
Updated - Wordpress version 5.9.3 updated.
Fixed - Samll CSS Compatablity fix based on the plugin updates.
Version 4.1 (23 MAR 2022)
Fixed:   Plugin Updation error.
Fixed:   Hover Color to Button in all pages.
Fixed:   gave add to compare button near add to wishlist in shop detail page.
Fixed:   Product Detail page Description Style.
Fixed:   Product shaking on choose the attributes in detail page.
Fixed:   Changed the blurred images.
Version 3.0 (28 OCT 2021)
Fixed:   Give link to the More news button.
Fixed:   Search page alignment fully till responsive.
Fixed:   Archive Date page alignment fully till responsive.
Fixed:   Hover Effect for all Categories and Recent posts in sidebar.
Fixed:	Filter alignment in shop page.
Fixed:	Gave same height and width to all thumbnail products.
Fixed:  Wishlist page full alignment till responsive.
Fixed:  My account page full alignment till responsive.
Fixed:  Aligned shop page hover product till responsive.
Version 2.0 (27 FEB 2020)

Fixed:   Plugin Updation error in testimonial and shop blog.
Fixed:   add to compare scroll and remove not working.
Fixed:   Instagram not working  properly.
Fixed:   Header menu alignment till Responsive.
Fixed:   In recent products add to cart icon not working.
Fixed:   In Desktop Header menu is not clickable sometimes.
Fixed:   In cart page after updation quantity is not working.
Fixed:   Phone link.
Fixed:   Header menu hover color.
Fixed:   Right side pagination button in shop page.
Fixed:   Showing Results count from 1 to6 as 1 to 9.
Fixed:   Equal space among all the contents.
Fixed:   Add tooltip for add to cart and compare icon in shop page.
Fixed:   Footer alignment.
Fixed:  Masondry  Layout slider.
Fixed:  Home page blog post alignment.
Fixed:  Gave proper link to Welcome to our website.
Fixed:  Gave hover effect for instagram post.
Fixed:  Remove the unwanted text from Home page banner image.
Fixed:  Remove the image title from products on shop page.
Fixed:  Give active colors to when sidebar category and colors are in active.
Fixed:  Category pages alignment till responsive.
Fixed:  Header alignment in Checkout searchpage and archive date page till responsive.
Fixed:  Give content to all post  in Grid layout page.
Fixed:  All pages Responsive Error.
Fixed:  About us why choose us blog alignment with responsive.
Fixed:  Wrong text on hover(quick view) in product detail page.
Fixed:  product detail page style.
Fixed:  product detail page recent products auto-slider issues.
Fixed:  All pages have some other styling issues, like spacing , hover, font-size and font-color.