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Version 4.3 (17 Octo 2022)
Updated - Wordpress version 6.0.2 updated.
Fixed - Samll CSS Compatablity fix based on the plugin updates.
Version 4.2 (18 JULY 2022)
Updated - Wordpress version 5.9.3 updated.
Fixed - Samll CSS Compatablity fix based on the plugin updates.
Version 4.1 (23 MAR 2022)
Fixed:   Plugin Updation error.
Fixed:   Hover Color to Button in all pages.
Fixed:   gave add to compare button near add to wishlist in shop detail page.
Fixed:   Product Detail page Description Style.
Fixed:   Product shaking on choose the attributes in detail page.
Fixed:   Changed the blurred images.
Version 3.0 (28 OCT 2021)
Fixed:   Give link to the More news button.
Fixed:   Search page alignment fully till responsive.
Fixed:   Archive Date page alignment fully till responsive.
Fixed:   Hover Effect for all Categories and Recent posts in sidebar.
Fixed:	Filter alignment in shop page.
Fixed:	Gave same height and width to all thumbnail products.
Fixed:  Wishlist page full alignment till responsive.
Fixed:  My account page full alignment till responsive.
Fixed:  Aligned shop page hover product till responsive.
Version 2.0 (27 FEB 2020)

Fixed:   Plugin Updation error in testimonial and shop blog.
Fixed:   add to compare scroll and remove not working.
Fixed:   Instagram not working  properly.
Fixed:   Header menu alignment till Responsive.
Fixed:   In recent products add to cart icon not working.
Fixed:   In Desktop Header menu is not clickable sometimes.
Fixed:   In cart page after updation quantity is not working.
Fixed:   Phone link.
Fixed:   Header menu hover color.
Fixed:   Right side pagination button in shop page.
Fixed:   Showing Results count from 1 to6 as 1 to 9.
Fixed:   Equal space among all the contents.
Fixed:   Add tooltip for add to cart and compare icon in shop page.
Fixed:   Footer alignment.
Fixed:  Masondry  Layout slider.
Fixed:  Home page blog post alignment.
Fixed:  Gave proper link to Welcome to our website.
Fixed:  Gave hover effect for instagram post.
Fixed:  Remove the unwanted text from Home page banner image.
Fixed:  Remove the image title from products on shop page.
Fixed:  Give active colors to when sidebar category and colors are in active.
Fixed:  Category pages alignment till responsive.
Fixed:  Header alignment in Checkout searchpage and archive date page till responsive.
Fixed:  Give content to all post  in Grid layout page.
Fixed:  All pages Responsive Error.
Fixed:  About us why choose us blog alignment with responsive.
Fixed:  Wrong text on hover(quick view) in product detail page.
Fixed:  product detail page style.
Fixed:  product detail page recent products auto-slider issues.
Fixed:  All pages have some other styling issues, like spacing , hover, font-size and font-color.