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Free Ice Cream WordPress Theme, Ice Cream Parlour Template

Ice Cream Website Template - WordPress Theme


Are you looking for the most engaging ice cream WordPress theme? Here we are with the best offers to cover your ice cream parlour company website, or blog.

Whether you are going to open an ice cream parlour or you already own a strong authorized and money-making related business, our ice cream WordPress template is here for you and your shop to be found on the globe.

Having a strong and captivating online presence with any of these ice cream parlour template spreading the word about your specific business in the wake of permanent changes in the digital platform is like receiving your next stage. Otherwise stated, with each of these Free ice cream WordPress theme you will have complete potential and confidence in building your own ice cream theme website that will stand the test of experience.

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VERSION 5.0 (02 May 2023)
Updated - Wordpress version 6.2.
VERSION 4.0 (30 Sept 2022)
Updated - Wordpress version 6.0.2 updated.
VERSION 3.0 (19 April 2022)
Updated - Wordpress version 5.9.3 updated.
Fixed - Samll CSS Compatablity fix based on the plugin updates.
Version 2.0 (27 JAN 2020)
Fixed- Change the Service Page Layout.
Fixed - Customizing the service product image and product name.
Fixed - Grid And List not Working in Shop and Special Page.
Fixed - Style Issues.
Fixed - Respoinsive Style Issues.
Fixed - Some Hover Issues.
Fixed - Change in Category and tags Font style in all Browser.
Fixed - Not showing Finger Pointing Icon On cart icon in the Header.
Fixed - Arrow icon while hovering product name in Home Page.	
Fixed - Change Background image on OUR SHOP is stretched in Responsive Mobile Width.